If you crossed the Mexico border just two short years ago, you are part of a major influx of immigrants who came at a time when immigration policies were changing drastically. Even if you filed an application for asylum and you have complied with the rules and restrictions set forth by the U.S. Immigration office, you may be deported anyway. The policy's reforms may not include you, and that may be a difficult pill to swallow in light of what you have been through. Here is how an immigration attorney can help.

You Need a Work Visa or an H-1B Visa

If you did not apply for and receive either of these work visas, your lawyer can help you get one right away. It is important that you get steady employment once you receive the visa so that you can prove to the courts that you are a productive member of society, even if you are not yet a legalized citizen. Anyone without a current work visa will most certainly be deported, and that is a long, uphill legal battle to fight when you do not have the money to pay your lawyer. Getting the visa and getting work will, at the very least, pay your lawyer so that you can fight the deportation ruling.

If You Had a Child Here in the States, You Need Documentation

A major part of the president's immigration reform bills has to do with children. Since children cannot stay here in the U.S. without their parents, you would have to stay with them and become legal citizens. Unfortunately, there are also some restrictions with this part of the new immigration policies, too.

At least one of your children would have to have been born here prior to 2014, or at least prior to President Obama's announcement regarding immigration reform in that particular year. As such, you would have to provide documentation that your child(ren) were born here, and that you have maintained full legal and parental rights to your children. You will need a birth certificate for each child born here, and proof that you did not give them up for adoption. Your lawyer will help you get this documentation.

Pushing Your Application Through the System

A big reason why your application for asylum may have been delayed is the lack of documentation needed to prove why you should be allowed to stay. Once you and your immigration lawyer have collected all of the necessary documentation to help your application, your lawyer can turn that into the immigration office and possibly push your application through a little faster. While your application may go through more quickly now, you may still have to contend with a backlog of immigration hearings and possible deportation. Your lawyer can help you get a stay of deportation until your hearing, which should help alleviate some of your worries and fears.

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