The immigration process to the United States can be painfully slow due to the sheer amount of paperwork that needs to be filed and the number of people that need to approve your immigration request. However, there are certain conditions that will allow you to speed up the immigration process. These conditions fall under the category of an emergency and often require an immigration lawyer for the potential speed-up to be truly effective.

1. You Need to be Able to Leave the Country

One of the main problems with a green card is that it doesn't allow you to leave the United States and return at will. However, if you absolutely need to visit your home country in order to visit a dying relative or participate in a court case that involves your children, then there's a chance that your immigration papers will be expedited. You will need written proof that you have a true emergency, such as a letter from the hospital or hospice in which your relative is located. Your immigration lawyer will be able to take this proof to the immigration office and ensure that your papers are moved farther up the line so that they are seen more quickly.

2. You Need to Get Married

If you are in the US military and are currently engaged to a person that is living in another country, you can help expedite his or her immigration process if you are about to be sent out of the country on tour. This is so that you are able to marry your significant other before you leave, helping to grant him or her US citizenship and the security that it provides before you leave, in case anything should happen to you. If you can provide proof of a long-term relationship with your significant other, as well as written proof that you are going to be shipped out, your immigration lawyer might be able to expedite your significant other's immigration papers.

3. You Won't Be Able to Attend Your Immigration Meeting

If you know that you will not be able to attend your meeting with immigration services on the specified date due to a surgery or the recovery period of a surgery, your immigration lawyer might be able to help you get the date moved up to before your surgery so that you can meet with immigration services.  

For more information about the types of situations that will allow you to expedite your immigration process, talk to your immigration lawyer.